Warriors, Please Act Now! #SickleCellTA Social Media Takeover to Support our Advocates!


We received this message for Advocacy day. Although you are not in Washington DC, you can still help today. Leave a Facebook message, tweet, or email your state representatives asking them to support the Re-authorization of the Sickle Cell Treatment Act. #sicklecellTA. Read below for more details. Here is how:

In this first phase we are asking that you use Twitter, Facebook, and

Instagram to encourage your elected officials on all levels to support
the Sickle Cell Treatment Act and post facts about Sickle Cell
Disease. We are not sharing our stories just yet, we want to inform
the elected officials with facts about SCD and let them know briefly
that we need their support regarding the SCTA. On April 3, 2014
throughout the day we will have people from Sickle Cell Warriors
giving us updates from Washington DC, on SCWarrior Tweets.

For more detailed information regarding the SCTA please visit the
following websites:

This web site provides information on the “Sickle Cell Disease
Treatment Demonstration Program.”

This is the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration on
Maternal and Child Health.

It will take everyone in the sickle cell community
doing something to make our mission of having the SCTA reinstated.
You can make such a big impact by following the instructions we have
provided. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact:

Farron Dozier, SFC (RET) aka (IAMWDC) at email: wdconscd@gmail.com
Twitter and Instagram @iamwdc FaceBook www.facebook.com/WDCRADIO

Kamilah Bailey at bailey_k09@yahoo.com

Tina Kay by Twitter: tkay2006, Facebook: Tina Kay, Instagram:
tkay2006, contact@tinakay.net, www.tinakay.net

Watch out for the You Tube video that can be found on any of our Facebook pages.

We Need Your Help….Even If You Cannot Make It to Advocacy Day 2014 in
Washington, DC!!

  • How You Ask…
  • Log on to http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ and locate your
  • House Representatives in your local community. Find your Senator here:
  • http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
  • Log On to Facebook and Like Their Page –
  • Share information about how important the Re-Authorization of the Sickle Cell Treatment Act is on their page.
  • On to Twitter and Follow Them – #SickleCellTA for Sickle Cell Treatment Act. I searched and this hashtag (#) is not being used at all. Let’s blow it up!
  • Contact your local elected officials, county officials, state elected officials, Churches, NAACP, Pan-Hellenic African American Grad Chapters, Sororities & Fraternities and ask them to join in the fight to Re-Authorize the Sickle Cell Treatment Act, by doing all of the above mentioned items with you.
  • On April 3, 2014 we will tweet these people all day long: elected officials and the 20 celebrities throughout the day with no limit on the number of times you send out tweets

Once Advocacy Day is over, we will release more information about
Phase Two of this movement, “Let’s Do Something”.
The more we communicate and inundate our elected representatives with
information, the more we make Sickle Cell a topic they cannot ignore.
This campaign using social media makes us relevant and shows the world
that the Sickle Cell Treatment Act must be reinstated!



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