The Wonder of Nitric Oxide


Norion’s dad sent me a forward a few weeks ago about L-Arginine that he had gotten from a fellow scientist researching the benefits of L-Arginine and nitric oxide to cardiovascular conditions. In addition, someone had left a comment on a previous post about L-Arginine weeks ago that was around the same time. Serendipity was pointing that I look into this. The more I read up on it and did research, the more information I found about this wonderful amino acid.

L-Arginine is the semi-essential amino acid that has been shown may help in the effects of cardiovascular disease and many other inflammatory conditions. It’s the major source for nitric oxide synthesis.

Not that many people with sickle cell know about it, however, it’s been shown in reduce the crippling crises and pain that we usually go through. One of the main attributes of Nitric oxide is that it prevents cells from sticking together, makes the blood vessels more pliable & elastic as well as keeping the blood flowing freely. It’s like Hydroxyurea, without all the nasty chemotherapy drug side effects. Can I get a hells yeah!

The compound is specially formulated with Vit C, B Complex and tastes like dilute grape juice to improve memory and mental agility, and give you energy. The only side effect is mild diarrhea and most people don’t even get that. Compared with the 35 debilitating effects of Hydrea, this is definitely one for the game books.

It’s sold as a nutra-ceutical, so it’s over the counter, no prescription needed. Be sure to get the Pro Argi 9-Plus formula as shown above, because that the one that is specially formulated for those with sickle cell. Pretty much you take a scoop of that in 4-8 oz. of water twice a day, regularly on an empty stomach. Arginine takes on the properties of whatever food you take it with, so don’t mix it with juice or food, just water! That way, it will flood your system with pure, wonder working NO (Nitric oxide).

Okay, I just started taking it, so as your guinea pig, I’ll report back to let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

If you want to do some research on this for yourself, here are some helpful places to start:


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