I’m Baaaaaack!


What’s up fam? What’s good?

Yeah, I’m back in the flesh, better than ever, with only 2 units of blood (ick, ick) added to my veins. In addition, I had to have a PICC line placed as well as 2 rounds of PCA and the pain was excruciatingly debilitating…but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger to kick ass another day.

One of my main issues is that I really tend to over exert myself at times. I over extend, love to work out at the gym and then have a full time work schedule and a busy, fun life. I don’t want to be the fluff sitting on my couch eating bonbons because I’m anemic, I want to drag myself out of the house and DO STUFF!

So when I stop listening to my body and start doing whatever I want then of course my body starts tripping out. Then I just pop painkillers, ignore the pain and keep doing what I’m doing. Which just leaves me more worn down, tired and sick at the end of the day. You think about 27 years I would finally learn.


I think it’s going to take me the rest of my life to figure out the fine art of balancing sickle cell with everything else on my plate and still do everything I want to do this lifetime. I can’t imagine how crazy it’s going to be next year when I add school into the mix…*wink*

Alright, thanks for all the good wishes and to my sister for holding down the fort. Thank you all for your comments, calls and emails…you all are so sweet! I will gist more about my double admission (that’s NEVER happened to me), but for now I just want to sit back, kick it and smell fresh air and think, damn, it’s good to be alive!


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