Taking a Trip


Sickle cell WarriorHello everyone,

I will be MIA for the next few weeks. I’m going to Nigeria to visit my family, get married, and hopefully meet with some awesome sickle cell warriors. I need to get a better global perspective of sickle cell, and where else to start than my own home country?

While in Nigeria, I will be meeting with some amazing leaders in sickle cell advocacy and activism in Lagos. Sickle cell has come a long way in the US, but we still have a huge journey ahead of us, and I hope that I can glean some insights and give some insights to help the plight of our 14 million worldwide warriors.

In addition, I plan to visit Abuja to talk to the guys at NIPRD. I’m hoping that having a face to face will help me to at least get some answers as to what is going on with Nicosan, and let them know that there are MANY of us in the United States WAITING and HOPING that some form of Nicosan comes back into production. It’s hard for me to constantly say over and over again, that although Nicosan worked so well for me and many others, there is none anywhere to be found.

So I need your prayers. I hope that my trip will be a success on all fronts, and that God will guide my steps, inspire me with words and lead us to a solution. Please continue to pray for all our warriors both here and abroad, that they stay or get healthy this season.

Please take care of yourself, don’t stress, eat RIGHT! and be well.

I hope you all have a wondrous Christmas season.





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