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Meet Paula: Administrative Assistant, Freelance Writer, Upcoming Gospel DJ, Warrior!

Today, we are interviewing Paula Kent, a warrior with a passion to dream, and to follow her talents! Despite her dealings with sickle cell,...

Meet Jeremy: Coach, Bass Guitarist, Athlete, Warrior!

Jeremy is a football and basketball coach, who hasn't let sickle cell stop him from pursuing his dreams.

T-Boz and Sickle Cell on the Doctors show

TBoz talks about sickle cell on the Doctor's Show on TV, and gives suggestions on how to improve your sickle life via diet.

Meet Daniella: Young, Successful, Chef, Entrepreneur, Warrior!

Meet Daniella, a young, determined, creative, and passionate lady, fully invested in following her dreams and goals.

Organization in the Spotlight: Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation

Learn more about the Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, and reach out to them or the sickle cell organization in your neighborhood to see how you can help!

Meet Connella: Mom, Grandma, Entrepreneur, Warrior!

Connella A Guilford is a phenomenal, energetic, enterprising woman who has not allowed SCD to limit her from being a mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur.

RIP Jasmine Bailey, the Warrior with a Microphone

SCW mourns the passing of one of our own, a warrior with a microphone. Rest in Peace Jaz.

Meet James B.: Student, Son, Boyfriend, Warrior!

James B. is from Indiana, and through his experiences (which many of us can relate to), you will find a courageous, determined, and loving young man. (And we are totally in love with Irene!!!)

Meet James G.: Event Manager, Advocate, Fiance, Future Author, Warrior!

James is a smart, intelligent, and industrious man. He has learned to live a vibrant life with sickle cell and faces each challenge with courage

Meet Atinuke: Project Manager, Strategic Analyst, Daughter, Warrior!

This week's warrior is Atinuke! She is a very lovely, dynamic, and beautiful lady inside and out. Learn about her experiences with sickle cell disease and what she has learned that has forged her warrior spirit.
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