Supporting Someone Through a Sickle Cell Crises


To the caregivers, family, friends and spouses of sickle cell warriors, many wonder how to cope and deal when their loved one is in pain. People deal with it differently: some shut down, some stare, some ignore you writhing in agony.

Tosin Coker has created a wonderful video blog on a sickle cell warriors’ perspective with some tips on how to help us go through it, and not fall apart in the process. Check the video to learn more.

If the video doesn’t open, click here.


  1. Blessings my namesake Warrior!

    I honestly thought I entered the twilight zone when I got here and saw ‘Tosin’s Corner’ LOL You are truly doing some amazing things here. Thank you for featuring my video 🙂

    Be well,
    Tosin Coker

    • Hahaha…thanks Namesake! I guess Tosins are all amazing people…you have really done some inspiring things as well. Blessings!


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