Diet Tips for Energy


This topic was created by the members on the Facebook page. A couple of days ago, Aaliyah wanted suggestions on how to amp up her  energy through modifications in her diet. Through the feedback received from our wonderful community, I have collated all the responses for this post. So thank you to everyone for giving their advice.

  1. Foods high in potassium like sweet potatoes and orange juice
  2. Cassava, plantains: and any earthy food i.e. yams, all types of potatoes, carrots.
  3. B-12, B-6 or the Vitamin B-complex. Using a sub-lingual form (under the tongue) of B-12 is recommended because it absorbs faster and more efficiently into the body. Since B-12 is a water soluble vitamin, mixing it with water in the stomach will actually dilute it’s properties.
  4. CoQ10 ~ I never heard of this one. But a reader stated that it’s a co-enzyme that supports healthy blood flow
  5. Flax seed oil and milk thistle
  6. Arginine ~ I can personally attest to this one. When I was on ProArgi 9 plus; I felt so amazing and full of energy. I was bouncing off the walls…lol
  7. Exercise: Contrary to popular belief, sickle cell patients should be on a regular exercise regimen. We will go into the specifics of this at a later date (or you can search through the archives if you’re impatient;). Needless to say, exercise is very good for us. VERY GOOD!
  8. And of course, my personal favorite: Rest! As sickle cell warriors we tend to want to push our bodies when we are not in pain, and overdo it. The hardest lesson to learn is to listen to your body and rest.


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