Silent Strokes Found in Children with SC


A couple of weeks ago on the FB page, a mother told me that her child was diagnosed with silent strokes that caused developmental delays in her son. This was my first knowledge of this phenomenon, and since then; John’s Hopkins University has released a study that found that 6% of children with sickle cell suffer from small bleeds in the brain which may lead to strokes and seizures in the future.

This is not a cause for alarm, but it’s recommended to get your child checked out with an MRI to see if they are at risk. Aggressive early therapy can limit the damage that may occur. Read the full abstract of the research study HERE.


  1. What part of Africa? There are Foundations in Nigeria with experts supporting sickle cell patients. Find out more about the hospital she’s being receiving treatment. Get as much info as possible. Try google sickle cell foundation Lagos.

  2. @Vickie, it sounds like she may have early onset Avascular Necrosis. We have an article about it in the Complications section. It discusses the treatment options as well. Good luck.

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