Sex With Sickle Cell


I’m a very sexual person, so this has been one of the harder things to deal with about sickle cell. It sucks that when you are in the throes of a passionate encounter, you have a greater chance of getting and L2 or higher or even get thrown into a full blown out crises.

Here’s the deal, with sex, your heart pumps blood faster through all the veins. Faster blood pumping means that any sickle cells that have been chilling in the corners somewhere causing no problems get flushed into the main bloodstream then smaller blood vessels and start to do their clogging up shit. Other factors include the fact that you are most probably hyperventilating during sex and this drops your oxygen saturation level making your body respond by pumping faster and faster. In addition, you are dehydrating via perspiration and cum so you need to hydrate before and after coitus.

I’ve had numerous exacerbations after sex. Sometimes even right in the middle, picture this, one minute you are having your orgasmic experience and the next minute are huddling under the covers, cold as fuck, joints hurting and pain coursing through your body like crazy. It’s like going from 100 mph to 0 in less than 30 seconds. Can you imagine how your lover must be freaking out?

The best recourse is just to stop immediately, I know some people might argue to fight through the pain and just keep having sex…but check this fool, you’re not the one in pain! So until you feel like a thousand jackhammers are crushing your bones mid-coitus, you have no right to try to talk me into ‘keeping at it’, ‘finishing you off’ or anything else. In fact, if you have any common decency you will try to alleviate my pain and distress and worry about your blue balls later.

Grrrr. Stupid people bug the hell out of me.


  1. I am scared of going into relationship n marriage issue bcos I am scared of dead during child birth is dere any way to prevent crisis during child birth

  2. gee im 22 years old an I have sickle cell but my sex drive is gone during my teens I wanted ti have sex all the time but now since I was 21 years old my sex drive is completely lost an I tink its because of the disease has this ever happen to anyone an did u get your sex drive back

  3. My girlfriend is having a sickle cell and she want me to have sex with her,if only i love her but am afraid to be affected by the disease.should i have sex with her

  4. am 23yrs old ss ,stop and think you got all wrong,we knw the right genotype to marry AA and we also know that God will send Gud AA men and women to marry us and with God we shall make it through.cos I only believe in Gods report not men.Once I clocked 25 am having a baby with or without pain the joy of motherhood is worth the pain…so help me God I also urge u as Scd patient always be optimistic ur case is different from others. #havefaithGodisagracioisGod!

  5. Interesting subject. I myself am a man with sc ss. Can’t speak for the women (sorry) but what works for me is a supplement by the name of l-arginine and l-cituriline. They both increase blood flow which I highly recommend to anybody with sc. For the arginine it comes in 2 forms tablets and powder and the cituriline only comes in tablets. For myself I’ve noticed that taken these makes me feel so good meaning not restricted and the sex is also good i mean better for you’ll know what I’m talking about men. I don’t know the effects it has on women during sex but I do know that they’ll benefit from the increased blood flow. There’s also a testosterone supplement called erasepro plus but with this you have to workout to take it and it gives you a very dry feeling in muscles (soreness)but it helps with the male libido. I’ve also taken this and felt great for I took fish oil to lubricate the joints to ease the soreness of this supplement. The arginine and the cituriline can be found at your local nutrition store and some drug stores and are pretty reasonable price wise. However the erasepro plus is very expensive but works. There’s one other supplement that’s made by the same brand as the erasepro plus (pescience) called anabeta and I’ve haven’t tried it yet but it helps you gain weight by increasing your appetite and I think men and women can take it. I do urge you to research these supplements and consult a doctor before trying anything but they help people with sc it’s just not out there like that. Hope this helps email me for any questions. Peace.

  6. Am ANDREW
    i have sickle cell
    i’ve got a girl friend but before having sex with her
    One day i had rumours saying that people with sickle cell are nont required to play sex.
    that if they play sex they die.
    and from that day i felt scared and i have never played sex since i was born
    fearing that i may die.






  7. Am 19y am a man and i’ve never had sex coz i hear romous saying that people with sickle cells are affected by pain during sex.


    Do sickler men also get pain when having sex?

  8. Hi guys, am 30, and am with SCD, its has not been easy all through the years but i survived. i really want to stop having sex i get scared of have having after sex because it has become frequent experience for me, i am having pain at the moment. i dont know how i can stop my sex drive and to make my wife understand, i already have a baby girl, please what do you advice me to do?

  9. Hi, am Ss but the last time I checked it,it was As and am 29years still a virgin please I want to know the kind of drugs to take in other to clear my eyes from this greenish and yellowish color.

  10. Hi, I am a 51 year old male and one of the things helped me. Stay well hydrated and keep your nutrients levels up especially B vitamins. And afterwards, a long hot shower to keep the blood flowing to your joints and spine, then more hydrating with Tylenol for any anticipating pain.

  11. So great reading from you all. I am a 48 year old female living with ss anaemia. I have a 15 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. They both have the traits – AS. My son was delivered at 29 weeks but thank God he doesn’t have any complications. My children are very active and healthy. I have been married to an amazing man for 21 years and I live an awesome life.
    Be encouraged folks, you can enjoy life and thrive!
    I choose to be thankful and grateful for life and appreciate being alive and well.
    I have my challenges with pain crisis, high blood pressure, heart palpitations. I know my do’s and don’ts (hydration, rest, nutrition etc). I keep up with my doctors appointments including my hematologist and Cardiologist.
    My faith in God helps me a lot to have hope and avoid depression. I am a very positive person which helps my wellness.
    I am beautiful and get a lot of compliments.
    I choose life. I live life. I embrace life.


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