Setting Goals


After 2 months of losing my Muse (and looking for her everywhere and anywhere to no avail), I finally got my Muse back. Why she left I have no idea!! But she’s back! I just came back from a relaxing weeklong trip to Mexico, so if I can’t write now, then I have no excuse. That’s probably why she came back.

In the last 3 weeks, I kept getting so many SC Warrior submissions that I could barely keep up even posting everyday. Thanks for everyone that sent in your stories….I am publishing at a rate of 2 per week, so your story should be up soon!

So what has happened in my neck of the woods since the last update?  I have spent the last 2 months first getting inundated by the vagarities of life.  It is so easy to do that…especially when the weather is lovely, and there are so many more social functions. Whenever I need to take a breather, and reset my clock, I have a few dear friends that I call who always manage to set me right. I’ve decided to spend the rest of July figuring out what exactly I want from my life, and then setting realistic goals to get there. I usually do this every January, to plan out my year, but now, since I’m 30, I am thinking BIG PICTURE.

To that attempt, I started writing my list of ‘50 things I want to Accomplish before I Die.’ This was a list of long-term goals, and it included crazy things like ‘Attend the Olympics’ to  more difficult things like ‘Complete and Publish Sickle Cell Warriors Handbook’. I have decided to pick 10 things every 5 years to work on; and break each goal down into smaller ones that are more manageable and realistic for me.

For those of you who haven’t zeroed in on your purpose in life, this is a great exercise when you have the time. Often we have ‘mental lists’, but an actual physical list gives you something concrete, something that you can check off, and something to reach for.

I’m sending love and healing energy your way right now. Feel free to join the Sickle Cell Warriors Facebook page (where you can interact with over 3000 people that are going through the same experiences with sickle cell as you.) Hope you see you there!


  1. THE only thing I want for my life right now, is to get into the capital market industry and finally open my own firm, after a short period of working in the industry. AND it’s like it’s a 1000, miles away I am not even working in the industry,at this point the only thing I HAVE going for me is fading determination.

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