Seizing the Day…


Hello everyone!

How are you enjoying the summer? I’m doing great, having all kinds of fun in beautiful Portland. Summer is the only time that it’s beautiful and not raining in Portland, so I might as well savor it right?

I’ve started my exercise regimen again and this time I’m super dedicated. I’m doing a mix of yoga on alternate days with strength training and aerobics. I want to throw in some pilates as well, but I will be building up to that.

I read this super awesome book by Amy Dubois Barnett that I would love to recommend to the ladies in the house. It’s titled “Get Yours” and it’s an inspirational/self help that encourages you to eliminate aspects of your life that don’t make you happy and really set goals and achieve them. I’m working on my affirmation list right now (will share soon) and it’s inspired me to do more and clean up shop.

You can be happy in your life no matter what situation you are in, because happiness begins from within. I’ve met so many people with sickle cell that are the happiest people, sure they have pain, but they are radiant and full of life. I know that it can be hard sometimes when the pain gets you down, and when the negativity of the hospital admissions, and your family stress weighs on you. But part of being a Warrior is that you have to be able to deal with all the stress, and come out on top, ready to fight another day.

Please seize the day and stay happy. Find things that make you happy, take time out for you, and set goals for yourself. Sometimes the only goal that I have is to clean up a room in the house, or wake up early…it doesn’t matter what your goals are; the main thing is that you are doing something everyday to accomplish them.

Okay, I’m getting off the soapbox now…off to yoga…ciao!


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