Beautiful July…


Hello! What’s up everyone?

I’m still here, chilling in Portland, enjoying wonderfully beautiful summer days. For the 4th, of course I hit up the waterfront and did the fireworks thing…it wasn’t as spectacular as last year (dratted economic crises!), but it was decent.

When I was leaving my house that hot summer afternoon, my friend asked me why I was carrying my bulky sweater with me. Later that night as she shivered in the arms of her beau, I wrapped myself in my blanket and sweater, comfortable and warm. I guess having sickle cell has taught me to always be prepared for the cold!

On the Nicosan front have no fear peoples. The winds of change and progress are making their way slowly but surely to us. Hopefully things in Nigeria with XECHEM will be resolved soon.

As you can see, my blogging has become once a week. If you have a question that you would like answered about sickle cell anemia, shoot me an email or leave a comment. I’m not expert, but I can only tell you how I’ve dealt, am dealing and coping with the issues that SSA brings.



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