I got my first blogger award for this blog. The Real Life Drama Queen has given me the Schmoozer Award for being a blog that rocks:) Here is what she said:

You all know and love her as the writer of The Bad Girls Guide. But what not everyone knows is that she has another excellent site. It is all about Sickle Cell Anemia. She rocks that blog like she does her Bad Girls Guide! Carry on my strong sister of the heart!
Awwww, isn’t that so sweet? That would have made me blush if I was lighter. That’s another beautiful slice to a lovely week so far. It’s been so lovely I’m not even going to bitch this week, oh wait, it just started, lol.

Anyhoo, I’m passing on the Schmoozer award to:

  1. The Overeducated Nympho: Because she’s really good at what she does. She redefined what being fun, free and fantastic meant all in one phrase for me. And she can schmooze like no other person than a Texan can. She’s funny, witty and talks about sex. What’s not to love?
  2. Cloud Blue: Because she makes me think. She’s schmoozing deep, and she’s so realistic in true life even though we both have a history of being hopeless romantics. She just moved to a whole new city, so show her some love.
  3. D Unspoken: For seeing life in a way that no other schmoozer can. She’s eloquent, introspective and hella funny. She delves into the myriad and deep waters of poetry with soul searching results. There is always something here that I can relate to.

I start my first day at my future new permanent hospital gig tomorrow, hopefully I kick ass.


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