Mr. Wonderful


On my other blogs, he’s known either as Norio or the Fiance, so in case I start inter changing them, it’s actually the same person. Today is his 30th birthday and I’m up because I’m so excited to enact all the BIG PLANS I have for it.

We met online (yes to the skeptics, online dating does work sometimes). I had written a long ass 3 page ad on Craigslist with alot of pointed questions at the end. Of the hundreds of responses I got, Norio was the only one that answered all those questions. And his picture? So frickin’ hot! My friend thought it might be a fake pic but I was already crushing on his pic, words and obvious intelligence. We only talked a few times before we decided to meet.

Our first date was actually the stuff of dreams, and we connected spiritually as well as mentally. His pic didn’t even do him justice…he’s so fine! To this day I’m in awe over how hot he is, lol. In addition to that, he’s also profoundly smart/intelligent, a frickin’ genius. Our relationship progressed actually kinda slowly, both of us having been burned, both of us unsure whether to trust this new person. To hear Norio tell it, he’ll say that he knew I was the woman for him the first day he met me. Oh and the chemistry? Hells fuckin’ yeah!

Fast forward about a few weeks into our committed phase, I told him I had SCD. I explained what it was and he listened, asking questions that made me take pause. Thinking that shortly after I had my crises, he would bolt & run (per my history), I was stunned to find out that me actually falling sick that March brought us so much closer together. He read up online everything he could about sickle cell and was proactive with the doctors in my care. He really was genuinely concerned for my well being, it wasn’t an act like the others had been.

He came everyday, rain or shine and brought me little things to cheer me up. He prayed with me prior to my blood transfusions, intuitively sensing that I was freaking out internally (I always do this getting blood). He told his family & friends about me and what I was going through…and I got some warmhearted calls/visits from them as well. Wow! I was stunned.

Norio brought me home after 11 days of being in the hospital and to say we reached another level during the stress of the last few days would be an understatement. That was the moment I realized that he was really the perfect man for me. A week or so later, he confessed that he was in love with me:) Yeah…he told me first!

We’ve been together for almost 3 years now, and every day is a whole new experience. Sometimes we might not be doing anything at all, and yet, we’re having fun. I might be in the hospital with IV lines, talking some smack from the narcs and jacked up hair, but he still finds me so attractive. He says that no matter how I look, my soul is beautiful and that’s what he loves.

For Christmas he gave me this book, Back to Our Roots: Food for the Gods, Cooking for the Control of Sickle Cell Anemia and Disease Prevention by Chef Ujamaa, and it seriously has revolutionized the way I approach food and it’s manifestations in my body. I heartily recommend it to anyone that has SCD or the trait, it is an eye opener.

Okay, back to Mr. Wonderful—he’s determined to find a cure for me. He’s done research into so many angles, hydroxyurea, bone marrow transplant, herbal concoctions, gene therapy etc. More research than I’d ever done, and I’m the one with the disease. He’s really concerned and certain that we’ll find a cure before I hit my forties. I know that if there is one to be had, he can find it, that’s for sure. A little family background, his uncle won the Nobel Prize in the Sciences for molecular biology (something to do with RNA/DNA coding), his dad is a cornerstone is the physics field, (known worldwide), and his brother is a Harvard grad MD. Does he have the brains for it? I know so.

So today is his 30th birthday, and I have huge plans, so I must dash. But I will say one more thing before I go, God really knew what he was doing when he custom built Norio for me. And he custom designed me for him. So officially in the romance department thanks to Norio, I kicked sickle cell in the ass!


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