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For the last few years, many people have come to me asking about the efficacy of Dioscovite. I have never taken it, but I know many sickle cell warriors have with varied results. Some have said that it takes away daily pain completely, while others said that it eliminates their crises. On the other hand, my cousins used it and it didn’t help them at all.  T.J. Brown, of SC Natural Wellness Group has shared with us the following pertinent points on Dioscovite, just to help those who might be considering it with some concrete information.

Dioscovite was discovered by means of electron microscopy, in vitro (test tube) studies, which show that adequate anti sickling nutrition stops the sickling of SS, sickle cells. Such sickle, SS, cells with normal, spherical shapes stay a long time in the body and improve the blood count and energy levels. They circulate freely like normal cells, without clogging peripheral blood vessels (vaso-occlusion) that cause vaso-occlusive pain crisis.

This phenomenon reduces the number of sickle cells in the body, thereby promoting health. Inadequate anti-sickling nutrient supply does not stop sickling. Those sickled cells cause sickle cell painful crisis and other problems. Hence, adequate Dioscovite intake is very important for good health.

Dr. Oji Agbai, N.D. PhD. discovered the effectiveness of Dioscovite against sickle cell in 1983. The active ingredient in Dioscovite is Thiocyanate, which is also known as the Yam vitamin. It is an extract from African yams. Thiocyanate stops the cells from sickling, clumping up or sticking.
[stextbox id=”alert” color=”000000″ bcolor=”1be3d3″ bgcolor=”407dbf”]When I take Dioscovite, I see a decrease in lingering pain and an increase in my hemoglobin and hematocrit counts. [/stextbox]

Foods that are said to contain Thiocyanate include but are not limited to: yams, plantain, cherry, cassava, turnips, strawberry, flaxseed, broccoli, banana, macadamia nuts, peaches, cabbage, Brussels sprout, turnips, and chickpeas. View a complete list HERE.

Dioscovite is a natural liquid supplement that should be taken with water or juice. Dioscovite is also taken after a well-balanced protein diet. Since it is digested with water and it’s a liquid it starts to work in the body immediately, you may feel relief anywhere from 15 minutes to over the course of a day. The Dioscovite works with the body to become healthier over time so taking it daily is beneficial.

Daily dosage for Dioscovite is specified on the bottle and is as follows;
½- 3 years :05ml once daily
4-8 years: 1.0ml once daily
1-18years: 1.5ml once daily
19yrs. & older: 2.0ml once daily
*Note when in crises take double doses

The price of Dioscovite is $70.00 inclusive of shipping.  If you have any questions, or to order some Dioscovite ~ you can visit or contact TJ directly via his email at


  1. I am surprised that this supplement is not well known. I have been using it since my son was born and he is 2 years old now. I think that it is a GOD sent! My son is bounding with energy and I thank God that I was able to get him on this early! It really frightens me to hear the stories that I am hearing about the crisis and I wanted to be prepared and develop his immunity and eating habits early so that he would have a good start. It seems that we really have to leave this WESTERN diet alone…it is no good for us!
    My hope is that as my son grows he will be able to testify what DIOSCOVITE is doing for him personally. I would encourage everyone to try this along with the recommended diet! The cost in the above article is incorrect…one bottle is not $70, but $49 (less if you order more).
    Keep the faith,



  4. Hi, My husband and I just discovered Dioscovite yesterday, we’ve been reading all the information availbale and we are sold. We are ready to buy and start giving it to our 2 yr old who suffers SSD but we will truly appreciate any comments on people using Dioscovite and the results they have seen since then.


  5. I use dioscovite everyday and can testify that it really works.
    Since using it consistently I haven’t been admitted in hospital for over 3ys.

  6. I just ordered Dioscovite for my 16 year old son. He has SC. Been limping lately & in pain. Tried every pain med over the counter. Yearly check ups at SCA clinic only offer meds & suggestions of what happens ongoing with SCA and a book on teenage sicklecell. I Prayed and researched the web about this product thank god there is a product that can help SCA patients. Unfortunately not everyone knows nor will western doctors tell the patients about a natural product that will stop sicklling. As usual the medical field has pushed the answer to the back and come up with we’re looking for a cure and it is right before them. My god we as Americans must research and not rely on western medical doctors and hospitals that fill you up with drugs that cover up the problem and not the solution. I will write back after I receive the Dioscovite and give up date on my sons progress at that point I will make sure others know about this product that has been hidden for over 40 years, I believe to make a profit in the medical world and not really applying what they learned from way back then. Our people need to know we been lied to long enough, wake up! Amen

  7. For so many years, i suffered from agonizing pain as a result of tlhis ailment. I really pity younger victims when i think of what traumas and terrible pains they still going to pass through. However, if they are fortunate enough to discover discovite on time, they might have better stories to tell than mine. I am 41yrs old now but got to know about discovite when i was 38yrs.. Until then, crisis was a monthly issue for me. The discovery of the drug changed my story entirely and sometimes i still wonder why the pain has not come back again.Is this miracle or magic? My no is 08034031136 for any enquiry.

  8. I have been trying to get to order but to no avail the contacts listed are so unreachable can someone please help me wif the correct addresses will really appreciate

  9. I’m now 34 years old, I used nicosan all through my university days, and I didn’t have a single crisis for 3 years, I stopped using when it became scarse, I started using Diascovite, and I experienced a Crisis free life, though I still keep myself warm and I eat right. However, I stop taking them once I get pregnant, and the crisis comes back in full force after a the first trimester. I have a 3year old son, I’ve lost two pregnancies m and presently in pregnant with a rainbow baby at 20 weeks.

  10. I wrote a post sometimes ago on this same forum when i just started taking discovite. I can confidently come back now and attest to the factual efficasy of discovite. I really suffered traumatic pains in the past. My parents did not know i was a victim until i was 10years old and most times i was just placed on paracetamol while i wriggle in pain all day. My secondary school was hell and my University days at Great Ife was even worse. I had all my my hope on turning 21years as a popular believe that by then, the crisis disappears. It is all lies! Crisis is a lifetime affair until you are fortunate enough to come by a remedy. Symptoms vary from individual to individual but complicasions such as leg ulcer, stroke, blindness, hip dislocation, protruded tummy as a result of the enlarged speen, liver and kidney damage and even stunted growth can come up at any time regardless of the age of the victim. It is therefore strongly advised to tackle this ailment as soon as possible before any of this symptoms come up. Fortunately for me i came across discovite when i was 38years and already living witth permanent hip dislocation. However, i am 43 years old now but no more pains or even weakness of any sort. and i must tell you that sometimes, i deliberately stress myself to see if anything is going to happen but nothing.. I drive mysef from Lagos to Abuja, the nature of my job takes me to China, but mostly U.S wuth all the rigours of travelling but i can affirmatively tell you the years of agonizing pain is over. In the past, i took sicklervite, nicossan, hydroxyurea,, jobelyn and several others. They might have done one thing or the other but i was still having crisis every month and not until i started taking DISCOVITE that miracle of the century occurred. Desperation even pushed me to take a shot at bone marrow transplant at John Hopskins University U.S.A There, the doctors adviced me against it because of my age as it is usually suitable for anyone below 15years but it is a permanent cure.
    When i remember those days of enthruciating pains, i weep for younger people wirh the unfortunate ailment. Many times, i wish i was dead rather than experiencing the pains which is beyond ordinary pains and wish only sufferers like me can understand not even heamatology doctors!
    Discovite is manufactured in the U.S. From my last trip to the U.S, i bought quiet a few. If you need it and you are in Nigeria or Ghana, call me on 08034031136. A bottle is available at #6,000 only.

  11. some one, any one should bring it to Uganda already our kids are suffering… if theres anyone who brings it to uganda plz let me know call 0774543727 anytime anyday.. l will be grateful

  12. I hv bin using dioscovite for 3years and I hv nt had crisis. Also my pcv rose frm 24 to 32. BT d cost of buying it in my state here in nigeria is quite expensive (N10000) and this makes it difficult to buy at times. Pls I tink it shd b afforable and available so any as patient can benefit immensely from it. On my part I am promoting d drug by introducing it to people and also to sickle cell clubs. I also try to prevent myself from malaria in addition to using d supplement

  13. Everyone I recommended Dioscovite to are completely satisfied with the result. Easy to take, same day effect. God bless the manufacturers.

    If you need it in Nigeria please contact me. 08132478757

  14. hi have never heard of dioscovite instead have learned about even flo its also a natural supplement i dont know if it works the same way.

  15. I’m looking for DIOSCOVITE for my daughter JADA SMILEY she has sickle cells SS she’s always in pain and constantly in the hospital. PLEASE HELP ME HELP HER. THANKS, GOD BLESS

  16. Your comment..There is a cure for sickle cell. You take the herbal supplement for 18 months you revert to AA or AS according to your body system. Even couples with AS will take the supplement for one month abstaining from sex within the one month, this makes the S to recede while the A becomes dominant. They give birth to AA.

    • @Destiny, this doesn’t make any biological sense. Sickle cell is in our DNA, it’s in our genetics. Something oral cannot change it permanently. Maybe it will improve your symptoms and prevent pain crisis, but I highly doubt that it will change you to AS or AA. Only transplant or gene therapy can do that. Please don’t mislead people.

  17. We have noticed alot of People living their contact here for people who need Dioscovite to contact them, please be careful who you send Money to, people have also called our office to complain about giving some people money and never getting any product. We are working hard to get our office or Distributor across the whole Nigeria, our official lagos off will be opened soonest,we have for now our office in Abuja and Enugu. if you are in Whatsapp send an sms to this number (08063397274)so that you will be can ask questions and get direct answers and updates from the Manufacturer himself Dr Orji Agbai. and you can also order you dioscovite from

  18. We have noticed alot of People living their contact here for people who need Dioscovite to contact them, please be careful who you send Money to, people have also called our office to complain about giving some people money and never getting any product. We are working hard to get our office or Distributor across the whole Nigeria, our official lagos off will be opened soonest,we have for now our office in Abuja and Enugu. if you are in Whatsapp send an sms to this number (08063397274)so that you will be can ask questions and get direct answers and updates from the Manufacturer himself Dr Orji Agbai. and you can also order you dioscovite from or

  19. Hi I live in the Uk and would like to purchase this for my 2 year old niece who lives in Ghana. Please which website should I go to, or how do I purchase

  20. I was inform about dioscovite by my doctor so I now check for it on line and see some testimony. I have started taking dioscovit for three weeks and some days, since then I have been having different joint dislocation for my hand and leg ,what can I do.

  21. Hello, I stay in Lagos Nigeria and would like to purchase this for my 5 year old daughter, how do i go about it please help me.

  22. I do I purchase discovite? I live in Nigeria, I try sending message to Dr. TJ but the mail did not deliver. Kindly help me

  23. Dioscovite helps, but don’t forget to take it along side folic acid or you might get the opposite of what you want (learnt from experience).

    • We no longer provide dioscovite. You may be able to purchase it through someone else online. Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry we couldn’t help.


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