Recipe: Beets, Apple, Carrot Juice


Those of you that frequent the Nutrition section know that I extol the virtues of beets and carrots for sickle cell management. These two vegetables are high in thiocynate, which has been shown to reduce sickling. Carrots are a natural anti-oxidant, which prevents a multitude of other health problems. Alone juicing these veggies have me going ick, ick, but throw in some apples, and you’ve got the sickle cell elixir of health. Here is the recipe:


    • 3 Carrots


    • 2 Small Beets


    2 Small Apples

Wash all ingredients thoroughly and cut into pieces. Press alternate chunks of beets, carrot and apple through juicer. Drink immediately. May flavor with nutmeg or lemon to improve taste. Enjoy and stay pain free.

Makes approximately 16 oz.

Number of Servings: 1


  1. Good recipe. I love beets. For those using beets, please seek organic only. I was watching a documentary on migrant workers. One worker featured was employed to conduct weed control manually, but was being replaced by Roundup, the weed killer.

    Mostly every farm he traveled to was using Roundup. The crop? Beets. The beets were genetically modified such that in conjunction with the use of Roundup, prevented weeds from growing. From one beet lover to another, please go organic. We especially must be aware of environmental influences upon our bodies. From now on I will spend the extra on organic if I must cut back somewhere else in my food budget.

    Stay well

  2. Pls what’s the local name for beets in nigeria.? And where can i get it here. I want to get it and juice it for my 5 year old son who’s also a warrior. Thanks

  3. I’m a 50 year old man with ss sickle cell and I usually juice 1 medium size beet, 4 celery sticks and 3 to 4 carrot sticks.

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