People with the Trait Have Pain Too!


This is a comment from one of my readers that is 46 that has the sickle cell trait but not the disease.

Some times I have unexplained pain in one of my feet, but it’s usually only when it’s cold, and after reading some of your blogs, I see that cold weather seems to trigger it. I also have a daughter with the trait and she has complained of pain and headaches. She has headaches ALL the time, almost daily and have of course been tested for things but no Doctor ever suggested that it could be from the SS. Do you know if SS trait causes a lot of headaches?

The only times that I have headaches with my sickle cell is when I’m in a full blown crises and I’m having pain all over my body. I haven’t heard of it a symptom of sickle cell, but then again I’m not an expert. She might have some other underlying condition, nutritional imbalance or health issue that we aren’t aware of. Another thing is to make sure that she’s getting enough sleep. I’ve noticed that when Norio doesn’t get enough rest at night, he wakes up with headaches. Besides that I’m out of ideas.

Does anyone else have input on this?

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me and good luck and God bless both you and your daughter.


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