Nicosan Woes


Hello everyone,

I’ve been digress in mentioning a few snags that have hit Nicosan. I’ve gotten several emails over the past few weeks that have alarmed me as well as sent me for more information. As many of you might know, Xechem USA filed for bankruptcy last year. Currently there is pending litigation about the dissolution of assets for the company with the shareholders and principal members. In addition to that Xechem Nigeria, the branch that actualy produces Nicosan lost their production license a few weeks ago.

Now what does that mean for you?

First of all, I have no idea. The key players that I’ve been talking to all have assured me that nothing is going to happen to Nicosan and that production will resume soon. There is still a stockpile of Nicosan in the market, and you are able to get some, but if production doesn’t kick back in after a while, eventually this supply will dry up too. Remember, each bottle has an expiration date, so stockpiling any past the expiration date won’t do much good.

Which really sucks for us the end user because just as soon as we find something that actually works and has personally changed my life, I feel like it’s getting snatched away.

So what can we do to help?

Besides the fact that not everyone is super loaded with cash right now (economic crises, taxes etc), and does not have the millions that it would take to 1. get the formula 2. get it produced and distributed…we can still do something.

For starters, please send a prayer to your spiritual Deity to hook us all up. Not just with Nicosan, but with a solution to this tangible ailment. There are so many avenues for sickle cell research and possible cures, but something always seems to stand in the way. Pray that whatever or whoever is causing the roadblocks will have a change of heart, and seek to help instead of hinder the sickle cell cure pathway. Pray that there is enough Nicosan in the market and that production starts up soon.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, let me know. My email address is in the sidebar as usual.



  1. Martin, thanks for ponistg. I am always open to someone who has some data and real input, even if it challenges what I am finding. Social Justice is a complex movement, but at its core, so far as I can find, are things that truly make me worried about where education is heading in some parts of the country.Chris


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