Nicosan Trials: Month One


Okay, I just took my last pill from my first bottle, so I guess I’ve officially been on Nicosan for 30 days now. I haven’t really noticed much difference besides the fact that I don’t have as many L2s as I used to, and when I do, usually just one dose of pain meds sends them away.

Nicosan (Hemoxin in US), previously Niprisan or Nix-0699, is a phytochemical (ethanol/water extract of Piper guineenses seeds, Pterocapus osum stem, Eugenia caryophyllum fruit, and Sorghum bicolor leaves) being tested for the treatment of Sickle-cell disease (SCD). Nicosan, was effective in reducing episodes of SCD crisis associated with severe pain over a six-month period. Nicosan did not appear to affect the risk of severe complications or the level of anaemia. No serious adverse effects were reported.

It’s a combo of herbal compounds in a capsule, so I did notice that weird capsule smell in my urine for the first few weeks, and now, either I don’t notice it as much or my body is used to it.

I did come across some more information on Wikipedia—however I would pay money to get a copy of the clinical trials…so if anyone has those please pass them on. Also I’m starting my second bottle tonight, so I should probably start figuring out how to get replacements if I’m going to be on it longterm.

Some investor website keeps using my blog as an example of why people should buy stock into Nicosan—just an announcement, I’M NOT ENDORSING IT. I’m just using it and documenting my results or lack thereof, as objectively as I did with Arginine.



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