Nicosan and Tylenol


I ordered some for my fiancé and noticed it says u have to be careful when taking it with Tylenol. Which is in about every pain med used except a couple. What problems can you have using Tylenol and Nicosan together do u know? I know you aren’t a doctor but if you know anything about it I’d appreciate it.

The only thing that I’ve found regarding Tylenol and Nicosan is that Tylenol increases the concentration of Nicosan ‘en vivo‘. This means that Tylenol increases or enhances the Nicosan effect. If she is still on Tylenol all the time with Nicosan, then I would recommend switching to the Children’s dose (240mg) instead of the adult 350mg dose. Personally once Nicosan starts working for her, I think her Tylenol intake would decrease rapidly. When I first started, I didn’t know about this interaction, and I still took a lot of Vicodin/Tylenol and Norco. Now I still take Tylenol once in a while when I get period cramps or a headache, but haven’t noticed any changes in my labs or my physiological response. I don’t think it will hurt once in a while. But if after being on Nicosan for several weeks, she’s still chronically using the Tylenol products, then definitely have to switch to the Children’s dose.


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