Nicosan and Lab Levels


Questions: How long does Nicosan take to boost the HB level? Do you have a patients record or blood test results where I can actual see the improvements?

Answer: It took me about 3 months before my Hgb got a boost, but even then, I just went from my normal baseline of 8.5 to 10.6. I’ve been hanging in the 10s ever since. I don’t have any clinical documentation on this but this is just my personal experience. Nicosan has no claims of improving the blood levels, it just helps to reduce the sickling of the cells by introducing more oxygen into the red blood cells and helping them to retain their round shape. Less sickling means less cells are dying every 10 days, which means less jaundice, and slightly less anemia.

Nicosan doesn’t function to increase your HgB levels. The primary function of Nicosan, is to introduce oxygen into the sickle cells allowing them to retain the normal round red blood cell shape. The anemia is a by product of having sickle cells that die every 10 days versus healthy cells that live for 90-120 days. The overall value of Nicosan is that since the red blood cells aren’t the sickle shape anymore, they aren’t clumping together, hence less pain and less crises. I didn’t notice an increase in my HgB values at all…and now, I’m still technically ‘anemic’ 10.8 at the highest; but don’t have any pain, and don’t have any crises. Nicosan does not work to reduce the anemia…it works on stopping crises and pain.


  1. Hi Tosin,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now but never commented.I have been taking Hydrea for quite some time now but I am still getting crises after crises, I just had one a few days ago. My doctor told me that it supposed to cut down on the amount of crises I experience and prevent me from needing blood transfusions. I have a high iron overload as is and cannot afford to get any more iron in my blood stream.
    I have been considering taking Nicosan, however I read that the factory is not producing any more and might be shutdown. I read that you have been helping people obtain Nicosan but now it is getting to be too much of a drama.
    I read the comment from Angela about if you had any Nicosan available for sale and you said that they are all expired.
    I was wondering what are you planning on doing or taking to stop or prevent these painful crises in the future.

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing.


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