Know Who You Are!


Know Who You Are!

Greeting to All, it’s been a minute, my SC parents! My warrior has been continuously sick since my last article posting and hence my writing had slowed! But God has blessed me with my second wind and inspired me to write for all my SC parents in the struggle daily. So my heart wants to encourage all of the SC parents to truly know who you are. You must know who you are so when people or situations come to destroy your self-worth; you can conquer all.

The last few months have been trying emotionally, spiritually and physically. The lack of sleep mixed with feeling prayers are hitting the ceiling, has made me start to reaffirm who I am and get to know who I am truly. People on the job will treat you as if you’re not doing your best, and begin to micromanage you or hint to the fact at any moment you could lose your job due to absence. Those are the times you have to not only know who you are but know that God is your source not man. Even at times when you have to let others down and break promises because your warrior needs you; know God sees your pain and tomorrow is a new day. You must realize you can’t be everything to everyone. You were chosen to fight this fight with your warrior because God knew you were going to win it.


Speak positive affirmations to yourself every day. Make positive confessions about your life, and your child’s life into the atmosphere. Believe God even when it looks devastating. Encourage yourself by the minute if you must. Forgive yourself for not being able to be all things to all people. Rest assured that although there will be some bad days that good days are still ahead of you. Love yourself even if no one else does or understands you. Know that it’s okay for your warrior to come first. Know that at the end of the day whatever you lose God’s got something better. Know whatever job you don’t get hired for, God’s got a better one. But most of all know that who you are is not wrapped up in people’s opinions or judgements.

Elle J


  1. Great post, I’m a Warrior who missed work last night because I’m recuperating from an acute care visit the night before (it’s a challenge for me to bounce back after having any type of IV pain meds). I actually showed up for work and the charge nurse told me to go home and rest and not to worry. There’s a small part of me that remains fearful that SOMEONE will have something to say about it. However, after reading your post I am reminded who my strength and healing comes from and who provides for me. It is not man. Thank you for this post! I hope your baby is feeling better. 🙂

  2. Thank you!!!!! God has got us,parents. I finally started using FMLA because I was tried of the hinting. My warrior is a junior attending a university 5 hours away from home. We have begun to experience many for the stereotypical complaining about sickle males. I have had to take off to go be with him when hospitalized and am exhausted when I get home. So I understand and appreciate your article and fight. Thank you for what you do for our community. God truly has us and in Him we move and have our being. Stay encouraged. I am praying for your success.

  3. Thanks for this information. We have just realised that our first son is a sickle cell warrior hardly two months.He is three years 3 months. These articles a bout the illness is of a great deal. God keep you


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