Free and Almost Free Ebooks by April Farrell-Hasty


If you have an e-reader or an iPad or tablet, then you want to get some free books!

When I don’t feel well, sometimes all I do is read or study.  I have always loved to read, since I was a child. I have had an e-reader from almost the beginning.  I recently underwent surgery and spent a lot of time looking for free books as well as reading. This is what I found:

On your iPad you can download the Kindle and Nook app weather you have a kindle Nook or not. They offer free ebooks. Nook offers free books every Friday. Go to and/or and then you download the right software.  Books average about $10.00 each. You can only read free books. I have a friend that does that. I did it over Christmas! I read all holiday books that I downloaded for free. They were actually all very good. Some of these sites also have free movies. May I make a suggestion? Start with the classics. Last year I started reading the classics. I read Bram Strokers Dracula and it was the least scary book I ever read. It was good! I read Pride and Prejudice, the Count of Monte Cristo, and many other classic books. I still have Moby Dick as well as a few others to read. If you have a library card you can borrow books and download them to your Kindle, Nook, or iPad. Then the books just disappear off your device in two weeks just like you would have to return a library book. So read fast!

Go to the library website, enter your library card number, and you can download and transfer the book to your device. Kindle has a free daily email where they offer discounted books and a free daily book. Most of these sites offer millions of free books.

Barnes and Noble offers free classes every Saturday on how to use the Nook. The library offers classes on how to use books and audiobooks on your iPad, so check with your local library. A lot of these classes at the library are geared toward seniors, so the classes are often in the middle of a weekday.


This has been my free source for books for years. There are more than 36,000 titles.


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