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Registration for the Expert Patient series is now open. These are online 1 hour classes geared toward increasing your knowledge base of sickle cell disease. You can attend any of the sessions below. You do not have to attend all of the classes, just the ones you wish to attend. Each class is offered twice for convenience sake. The classes will be offered online in the evening usually at 6pm CST.  We may also have a weekend session depending on the demand. There may be some slight variation but that is the general time.  Register below. Please PRINT your confirmation page.


The expert patient course load consists of a series of a la carte classes designed to assist Warriors to become sickle cell disease experts.  Each class will be 45 min to 1hr long, will be offered independently and can be completed individually or as part of a series.  The classes in the Expert Patient Series will be offered for a one-time fee of $30 per class. You can attend 1 or all 4 of them. You must pay and receive your confirmation BEFORE registration closes.

The classes are as follows:

E1. The Science of Sickle Cell

In this class we will cover the biology of sickle cell.  We will thoroughly cover the genetics of the disease as well as the biological causes of the symptoms and the long-term implication of these symptoms.

E2. Sickle Cell Complications

In this class we will break down the types of sickle cell crisis, what causes them and why they differ from each other.  We will also discuss the treatments and breakdown the classifications of pharmaceuticals used to treat the disease.

E3.  Health Disparities and Social Concerns

In this class we will discuss the history of sickle cell.  We will detail the extent of the health disparity that exists with this disease and the implications of the “sickle culture” that surrounds it.

E4. Research and Drug Trials

In this class you will be updated on the state of research for sickle cell disease.  We will also review the stages of drug trials and how you can learn more or participate in trials in your area.

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2014 Q1 Courses

Open Enrollment for the first quarter (Q1) of 2014 begins immediately.  The offered classes are as follows:

E1-2014-1.1 The Science of Sickle Cell:   Class offered 2/12/ and 2/15

E2-2014-1.1 Sickle Cell Complications:    Class offered 2/19 and 2/22

E3-2014-1.1 Health Disparities & Social Concerns:  Class offered 2/26 and 3/1

E4-2014-1.1 Research and Drug Trials: Class offered 3/5/14 and 3/8/14.

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