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One of the perks I guess of having sickle cell is that it keeps me in my ideal weight zone. My BMI never goes above 20, mainly because when I do start gaining weight…one crises has the power of taking off 10 pounds in a week. Right now I’m a luscious 135…my ideal weight for my height but I know that in the next few months I’ll be down to 125 and trying to eat my weight up.

So I guess you could say it’s our own little weight loss plan…hahaha. I do exercise though, because I love exercising, it gives me endorphins…and endorphins supposedly make you happy. Don’t I sound like a ray of frickin’ sunshine? Plus I’m trying to build up the muscle tone in my arms, so that I start having nice veins once again. It takes 12-18 months for the body to create new venous pathways, so I really have to tone up those arms hardcore.

I read somewhere that yoga is really good for people with sickle cell. This is I guess because all that stretching helps move those clumpy cells all around the body and away from the problem areas. I think I might take it up soon, and consult my own little investigation.


  1. Sometimes i experience painful episodes after exercising.Do you too? Even I want to go to gym & build muscles, but afraid of the pain. Any suggestions?

    • You might want to try doing yoga first. Low impact exercises tend to trigger crises less, and yoga does develop lean muscles. You can also do regular exercises, but remember to hydrate and take frequent breaks. When I go to the gym, I usually do 10 minutes on the elliptical, rest for 5-10; then hit the weights for 10 and back to 10 more minutes of cardio. Pacing myself this way helps to prevent the pains that you would experience by going hard and fast all the way through. The greatest thing is to listen to your body and don’t overwork yourself. I just completed P90X, and if I can do that, I realize that I can do almost any other workout regimen, as long as I go with what my body is telling me.

  2. I do exercise in the gym…I lift weights for getting more muscel in my body ..but after workout some time there is pain in my spleen..I have sickelcell thallasemia sf pattern..what I can do to solve these problem..help me


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