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Connect with over 25,000 patients and we are still growing! Sickle Cell Warriors is the largest patient-run global advocacy organization for sickle cell disease.

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Sickle Cell Warriors is a group of people living, dealing and surviving sickle cell. We are not defined or limited by this condition. We are all here to share our experiences and learn from each other. 

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First of all, if sickle cell has touched your life in any way, you are a warrior. Are you a sickle cell warrior living life to the fullest regardless of sickle cell? A mother, father, or grandparent caring for a sickle cell warrior? Are you in school, working or managing a household? Would you like the your sickle cell story featured on this website?

If so, complete the following questions and email back to us. Submitting your story gives us your express consent to publish it on the website. If selected, your story will be posted in the featured section “Warriors in the Spotlight.” If you would like a picture included in the post, please send us an appropriate picture of you. If no picture is sent with your submission, we will use a stock photo that the editor feels best represents you. You can email your response to

*Please note that there is an editing process for readability and fluidity of your responses. However we strive to maintain the essence of your interview.

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