Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Sickle Cell Art

On the SCW FB page, one of the warriors posted this photo, and it was so creative that I had to post it. This just reminds me how talented, passionate, and creative sickle cell warriors are. Adreenah has given me permission to share this on the website.

Meet Malayesia: 17, High School Graduate, Determined Warrior!

This week's warrior is Malayesia, a recent high school graduate who has the world at her feet.

Meet Carla: Social Worker, Sister, Advocate, Warrior!

Carla is an exceptional woman, and with this interview you get to learn from a sister, daughter, and friend who is just like you...

Meet Abdoo: Husband, Business Owner, Body Builder, Warrior!

Hey everyone! Our Warriors in the Spotlight series is back! We have a wonderful love story and an inspirational true life story from Abdoo,...

Oldest Person with Sickle Cell is 86

Ernestine Diamond, the oldest recorded person with sickle cell in the US is 83:)

Meet Damilola: Future Lawyer, Daughter, Student, Warrior

Meet Damilola, a law student who has a very defined sense of self. You will learn alot from this interview.

Meet Hafiz: Pharmacist, Outcomes Researcher, Husband, Warrior

It's always great to have a male warrior in the spotlight. Meet Hafiz, he is a focused, dynamic, determined man who is one day going to be a pharmacist.

Meet Nana: Student, Daughter, Future Medical Doctor, Warrior

Nana is a vibrant, feisty young lady who has been inspired to become a medical doctor. She has so much sass, fire, and positivity, it just leaps through her testimony. Check it out!

Interview with a Medical Doctor with Sickle Cell Disease

Ever wondered if you could be a doctor with sickle cell? Well you can follow that dream. Dr. Y. explains to us how she went through medical school and became a physician.

Meet Tiara: Student, Daughter, Warrior

Tiara is a young lady with a lot of faith. Read her story below....
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