April 2013 Newsletter: Warriors, Activate!


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Hot Topics

Ever wondered what the Warriors are talking about on the Facebook page? Here are some great discussions you might have missed. Feel free to visit the Facebook page (here) and post your own question. Below, you can click links to the most recently popular discussions to happen on our Facebook page (note: you must be signed into Facebook to view the threads):

Make a Wish, Catch a Dream

Did you know that if you have any form of sickle cell disease you are eligible for Make a Wish? Contact the Make a Wish Foundation for your child, or as an adult, the Dream foundation to make your dreams come true. Click the links above or read the discussion on the FB page about it here.

Advocacy Corner

Hey everyone, we received over 300 responses for our first signup for activities. Thank you so much for your desire and passion to spread sickle cell awareness, support initiatives, and educate others about sickle cell. The group represents cities from all over the world. Team members will be asked to host events and communicate with other sickle cell warriors in your area. Some areas will have more than one team leader. We will be contacting all team leaders via a separate email this week. The email will contain the time for your Google Hangout chat with Lakiea and Tosin. All chats will be in the evening, between 5 pm-8 pm PST. Please let us know if this doesn’t work for you. This chat will last for 30 minutes and will equip you with the tools to start hosting your first meetup events. Each member will also receive a handbook that contains operational procedures, suggestions, and key tips to help you get your group started. To prepare for Google Hangout chat;

  1. Please create a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Read the Google Hangout Guide and watch the video to see how you can connect to the chat. The Guide is found here.
  3. Add sicklecellwarrior@gmail AND warriorscruise2013@gmail into your circles. These are the emails we will invite you from at the chat time.
  4. When it’s time to chat, sign in to your Gmail account, and send us an email. You will be invited to the closed session.
  5. Please have your webcam set up and a pad/paper ready to take notes.

Become a Warrior

Be Featured on our Website! Are you living your life to the fullest regardless of sickle cell? Are you a mother, father, or grandparent caring for a sickle cell warrior? Are you in school, working, or managing a household? Would you like your sickle cell story featured on our website?

We are always looking for Warriors to feature on our website. Just email us with your responses to the questions posted here.

Tosin Ola

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  1. paul k Tomori on August 24, 2013 at 1:52 am

    Will like to form SC warrior group in my locality.how do I go about it.I’m a warrior in lagos nigeria

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