And the War Goes On…


Hello darlings,

I’m back in action! Oh yeah baby!!!:)

Seriously though, being sick totally sucks. I don’t want to have another crises for a loooooong, looooooooong time. I’m not even shooting for a year anymore, I just wanna be 100% crises free.

So my visit to the ED totally sucked as usual. I really wish I could revamp all the emergency rooms in the United States in their ideology and treatment of sickle cell patients. Everyone was nice until the doctor came in to see me…she must have said something because the attitude of the staff totally changed after that. The only person that was cool to me after that was the housekeeper…she helped me walk to the bathroom and stuff while my nurse was doing the whole ‘I’m so busy‘ rote.

It’s so sad how sickle cell warriors are treated. When I was in Nigeria, I got treated way better in the hospital by the staff and doctors than I’ve been in any American hospital. Sad but true.

It’s a shame because that hospital was on my short list to work in once I moved back to Oregon. It’s a mile from my house, and is a trauma hospital and has the type of unit I want to work in. But after my one and only experience with their ER—that’s so not happening….they lost out on an awesome nurse.

To those that have written me and are still waiting a response, I apologize. I will get to it this weekend. Hope u are all doing well. Okay, off to the Sickle Cell Board to check out the peeps there.



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