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    Tips on Going through Nursing School with Sickle Cell

Tips on Going through Nursing School with Sickle Cell

Breonna asks, “Where are all the Warriors in nursing school? I am about to begin my second semester of LPN school and I have two children. What are you doing to stay healthy, avoid stress and pain, and still keep your grades up?” Many of us enter the nursing profession,

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    Schools & Parents Can Work Together

Schools & Parents Can Work Together

ElleJanae explains how to work together with school administrators and the teacher to get your 504B plan instituted and executed for your child.

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Meet Malayesia: 17, High School Graduate, Determined Warrior!

This week’s warrior is Malayesia, a recent high school graduate who has the world at her feet.

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Sickle Cell Scholarships

Wondering about scholarships for sickle cell patients? SC Mom Kristina did the research for you. Click here for a list of active scholarships for sickle cell students.

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Meet Julius: IT Student, Poet, Warrior

Julius is a student that has figured out how to balance his goals, inspiration, and life with sickle cell.

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Meet Dasha: Nursing Student, Dancer, Determined Warrior

Dasha is a determined, hardworking young lady. She has sickle cell, but isn’t letting the condition slow her down or stop her from her dreams, aspirations, and full potential. Read her inspiring journey below. How old where you when you found out you had sickle cell? My mother found out

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Meet Akimie: Artist, Runway Model, Warrior

Ever wondered if you could be a working model in NY with sickle cell? If Akimie can do it, so can you!

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Success Begins with You!

Tosin explains how you can have a successful and happy life with sickle cell. Once we shift our mentality, we all can achieve all our goals and dreams.

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Going to College with Sickle Cell

For those going off to college this year….here are some steps to help guide you through another semester.

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    For Teachers: Sickle Cell Disease at School

For Teachers: Sickle Cell Disease at School

For educators, parents and children with sickle cell disease, this video is a good point of education on the challenges faced by children and adults with sickle cell disease.

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With Sickle Cell, Do You Consider Yourself Disabled?

Disability takes on a different connotation for everyone. As a person with SCD do you identify as being disabled?

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Transitioning From Teen to Adult with SCD, part II

April explores the steps of helping your teen gain independence and successfully transition into the adult system.

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Vacation Plans

Hello darlings, Do you like my spiffy new signature? I saw it and totally fell in love with it. Bonjour from the beautiful city of Toronto…I had such a blast and I can’t wait to go back. The trip was lovely—no sickness whatsoever, the people are great and it’s truly

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Going to School with Sickle Cell

One thing that I’ve learned with having this ailment is that I can’t let it scare me or change anything about the way I want to live my life. I’m very determined and want to achieve all my dreams, goals and aspirations. I won’t let anything stop me from attaining

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Getting Through Nursing School with Sickle Cell

Choosing nursing as a major was an easy decision for me to make. I’ve always been interested in being a nurse, especially since I noticed that when I was sick, the nurse was the one that had the most input into my well-being and care. I went straight from high

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