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Nicosan Updates

There seems to be some hope on the horizon for Nicosan. I can’t go into details yet, but I will once the changes have all been confirmed. I knew that you guys had intercessory prayer mojo backing us up! What warrior doesn’t?

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Nicosan Woes

Hello everyone, I’ve been digress in mentioning a few snags that have hit Nicosan. I’ve gotten several emails over the past few weeks that have alarmed me as well as sent me for more information. As many of you might know, Xechem USA filed for bankruptcy last year. Currently there

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Nicosan Fan Mail

This letter just brought it home for me…all the stress that I’ve been going through getting Nicosan to my dear users in the US. It’s been difficult maintaining with all the business and economic setbacks both here and in Nigeria, but this note from a Nicosan user just reminded me

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Nicosan Research Study

Hey everyone, I’m seriously trying to set up a study dealing with Nicosan. The question in my last post has me thinking that there are some unanswered questions. The think most of the skepticism does come from the fact that it’s an African herbal remedy versus a Westernized one. There

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My Nicosan Story

Here is a question that I got from a reader on Nicosan that I would like to address: A friend of mine just started on Nicosan 12/12/08, due to lapse in medical coverage and not having monthly blood exchanges, he has been having severe pain every week, resulting in 2-3

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Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

Hey everyone, If you have gotten your Nicosan shipment and would like to take part in a study regarding that documents the benefits of Nicosan please email me. I’m also interested in Hydroxyurea users or people that use other drugs and alternatives. I’m trying to conduct a pain survey that

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How Does Nicosan Work??

I got asked this question by one of my more inquisitive readers and I had to go searching for an answer! This is directly quoted from an article on Dr written by Dr. Kumar. Nicosan is a phytochemical agent i.e. a chemical or nutrient derived from a plant source

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Nicosan News

Okay, sorry I haven’t been posting in a while…real life has me in knots. But…I’m very heartened by all the wonderful emails I’ve been getting from everyone who has gotten their Nicosan and has started using it. I love hearing whatever feedback you have…and I’m sure that this will serve

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Xechem Filed Bankruptcy

To everyone that sent me emails about Xechem going bankrupt…thanks–I got the memo! Xechem is the company that produces Nicosan in Nigeria and they filed for bankruptcy last week. However, multiple sources tell me that they haven’t stopped production of Nicosan yet and have no plans to do so.

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Did you Take Your Nicosan?

Okay, this week I got a whole bunch of emails from readers that ordered in Week One and Week Two….more and more people are getting their orders! Yippeee! Please note that you won’t start feeling curative effects for 15 days after you start taking it..but in 30-45 days, you will

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Stand Up!

Awwww, I got an email from another reader who just ordered his Nicosan 2 weeks ago. I must say, I have the most supportive and wonderful readers on this blog. I received my order today. Thanks for putting your neck out there for us.God bless.A.M. So…have you got your Nicosan

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Check your Mailboxes…

Good news everyone! Whoever ordered their Nicosan in the first week should be expecting a pretty little box in the next couple of days. This is an email from one my readers that got their box yesterday. This is to let you know that I received my shipment of Nicosan

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Making an Impact

Hey everyone, Wow, thanks for the huge response. So far, I have almost 50 signatures (46 to be exact)…I didn’t even know that many people read this blog! I recently got a response from a reader in Nigeria that shows that we did make an impact! I guess your open

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Open Letter to Xechem/Nicosan

Hey everyone, Due to the constant requests for changes with distribution of Nicosan, I’m putting up a letter that I plan to send to the Xechem board. If you would like to support the contents in this letter, please either email me your name or sign below. The more people

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Nicosan Changes

Wow, you all are totally something else! I’ve gotten quite a few orders ever since this started…I didn’t know that so many people were interested—I would have done this a long time ago! Unfortunately, since the 1st trial run, I’ve had to increase the prices slightly due to the unexpected

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