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Tips on Improving Your Diet, pt II

In the 2nd part of this series, April shares insights on how to enhance your diet, lifestyle and health.

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Changing Your Diet to Improve Sickle Cell

April Farrell-Hasty explains her health, die and sickle cell epiphany in part one of this 2 part series and how she overcame the struggles of sickle cell through changing her lifestyle and diet.

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The Okinawan and Mediterannean Diet

Making the right food choices does have a huge impact on your health, especially with sickle cell. Find out why the world’s poorest people are living healthier and longer lives.

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SC Diet Tip: Go Easy on the Fries…

Fried foods are detrimental to the insides of a sickle cell warrior. Read on to find out why.

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The Inner Secrets of Cloves

Cloves have been known for its many curative properties, but 5 of them top the list for sickle cell warriors.

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7 Foods SC Patients Need

Here is a list of 7 food groups that you should incorporate into your sickle cell diet.

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Diet Tips for Energy

Diet, vitamin, herbal and lifestyle recommendations to get the pep in your step.

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Mixing up Your SC Diet

Here are some fresh ideas to throw into your kitchen and still keep with your healthy, sickle cell diet.

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Balsamic Vinegar and Ginger Bok Choy

Recipe for the Chinese cabbage veggie: Bok Choy

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Sickle Cell Diet

A couple of people have written asking me about the proper sickle cell diet. The best collection of sickle cell diet principles, menus and recipes that I’ve come across is in: Back to Our Roots Food For the Gods, “Cooking for the control of sickle cell anemia and disease prevention”

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Dealing with Sickle Cell Without Using Drugs

My daughter who is 12 years old (has SS)is thinking about taking Hydroxyurea instead of getting monthly blood transfusions. If Hydroxyurea is not right for sickle cell people what other thing can they take or do if they don’t want the blood monthly? Do you know? First of all, know

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Exercise & Diet

One of the perks I guess of having sickle cell is that it keeps me in my ideal weight zone. My BMI never goes above 20, mainly because when I do start gaining weight…one crises has the power of taking off 10 pounds in a week. Right now I’m a

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