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Personal stories and thoughts from our President, Tosin Ola

Checking in

Hey everyone, How is it going? I've been busy, working alot at the same time trying to ace my Statistics class....grrrrr, I totally hate...

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

Hey everyone,If you have gotten your Nicosan shipment and would like to take part in a study regarding that documents the benefits of Nicosan...

Changing the Image

Okay sickle cell warriors, it's time for some frank talk. I'm sick and tired of hearing how lazy people with sickle cell are. I'm...

New Years

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings much success, less pain and more love! Smooches!

Road Trip!!!

So I just did a cross country road trip down 101. Whoever said people with sickle cell could not drive long distances obviously has...


Happy Birthday to me! Okay, so here's a big *womp,womp* to all the doctors that said I wouldn't live past my 10th birthday. I'm 28! Nanananabooboo!

Let’s Play Catchup

What's good fam? Has it really been that long?I can't believe we are midway through Sept and I haven't posted a thing. Sorry to...

I’m Alive

Okay, so I didn't plunge 14,000 feet to my death! It was soooooo fun that I'm ready to do it again. Norio was being...

Catch Up

Wow, it's been 10 days since my last post. Part of the reason is that I've been out of town chilling with my family...

No Pain

Check this out---this is my first week ever since I hit puberty that I haven't had to take any narcotics. That's intense! I haven't...
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