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Happy New Year!!!

An open letter to fans and supporters of the Sickle Cell Warriors

The Global Angst of Sickle Cell

Tosin examines the plight of sickle cell around the world.

Understanding Iron Overload

Check out this webinar to understand the basic principles of iron overload

Nurse Vent on Sickle Cell Patients

Have you ever wondered what the nurses are saying in the nurses' station about you as a sickle cell patient? Well, wonder no further...Proceed at your own risk.

Sickle Cell and Priapism

This is to the male warriors out there. Learn the facts about priapism, and how to deal with it.

Sickle Cell and Pulmonary Hypertension

Educate yourself with this brief synopsis of pulmonary hypertension. Knowledge is power.

SCD and Iron Overload

Educate yourself on iron overload, one of the hazards of frequent blood transfusions.

Should a Sickle Cell Trait Carrier Marry Someone with Sickle Cell...

Should someone with AS marry someone with SS? This is a hot debate. Where do you stand?

My Nicosan Story

Here is a question that I got from a reader on Nicosan that I would like to address:A friend of mine just started on...

Changing the Image

Okay sickle cell warriors, it's time for some frank talk. I'm sick and tired of hearing how lazy people with sickle cell are. I'm...
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