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Microwaved Steamed Veggies

Besides making the veggies mush, overcooking can leach out all the nutrients, flavor, and health benefits of the vegetables, and leave you with soggy veggies. Check out this recipe for crispy and steamed vegetables.

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Recipe: Black Eyed Peas

Learn more about black eyed peas (not the singers), and how nutritious and delicious this legume is to your sickle cell diet.

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Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin & Lentil Salad

I chose this recipe because of the Lentils and Squash, which are high in thiocyanate and great for sickle cell patients. I usually substitute regular lettuce or spinach instead of the arugula, just because spinach is my go-to green leafy veggie.

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How to Increase your Hemoglobin

    How to Increase your Hemoglobin

One of the first things that patients with sickle cell want to know is how they can increase  their hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells

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Cuban Style Yucca

I had to go searching for a good Yucca recipe since it’s one of the foods rich in thiocyanate, and it’s easier to get in the US than African yam.

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Recipe: Swiss Chard and Sweet Potatoes

A new green leafy vegetable that will have you craving more!

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Recipe: Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard

Lentils, sweet potatoes and swiss chard are on the list of foods that people with sickle cell should love. Here

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SC Diet Tip: Love Foods High in Antioxidants

One of the readers on the SCW Facebook page recently got me thinking about foods rich in anti-oxidants and how

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Tosin’s Green Leafy Vegetable Stir Fry

Here is my go to recipe for green leafy veggies.

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Recipe: Beets, Apple, Carrot Juice

Beets and carrots are great for preventing sickling of cells. Here is another recipe to try, juice the veggies with some apples. Yum!

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Guinea Pepper and Nutmeg Reduces Sickling

Here are a couple more condiments to add to your spice cupboard that can reduce cell sickling.

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Tips on Improving Your Diet, pt II

In the 2nd part of this series, April shares insights on how to enhance your diet, lifestyle and health.

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Changing Your Diet to Improve Sickle Cell

April Farrell-Hasty explains her health, die and sickle cell epiphany in part one of this 2 part series and how she overcame the struggles of sickle cell through changing her lifestyle and diet.

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The Okinawan and Mediterannean Diet

Making the right food choices does have a huge impact on your health, especially with sickle cell. Find out why the world’s poorest people are living healthier and longer lives.

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SC Diet Tip: Go Easy on the Fries…

Fried foods are detrimental to the insides of a sickle cell warrior. Read on to find out why.

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