VOICE Crisis Alert App

Download for free the VOICE Crisis Alert app, a great Communication tool for when you or your warrior is in a pain crisis,


VOICE Crisis Alert App

The VOICE Crisis Alert app is the first national app created for patients and families with sickle cell disease.

The app stores all its data locally on your phone, so it’s private. In addition to being a crisis pain tracker tool storable for 90 days with an in-app pain diary to share with your health care provider and the ED, the VOICE Crisis Alert app has an avatar expression of the pain scale, complete with personalizations. The app has a medical history section and is also a crisis alert notifier to three specified emergency contacts in your phone. It’s free, and downloadable for patients and caregivers in the United States only.

Check it out on the Apple App or Google Play store or visit the website at http://voicecrisisalert.com/


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