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Hello everyone,

This year, I want to start a spotlight series for people with sickle cell all over the world. It will be a weekly thing, and I will just send an email with questions for you to answer. I know from the feed reader that we have readers from Zambia, Nigeria, India, UK, China, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Fiji etc….so this trip across the globe will help other sickle cell warriors see how living with SCD works in your neck of the woods. If you would like to share you story, please send me an email!

If you haven’t joined the SCW Facebook page yet, come join us! The warriors on here are so awesome, and there are so many other resources for us to share.

To all those that have contacted me about Nicosan, or checked out the usual spot for the Paypal link…I took it off because presently, I’m completely out of stock. I’m trying to get my hands on a few more boxes, but Nicosan is super scarce in Nigeria ever since the company stopped production last year.

Several people are working hard and long hours to get the company up and running again. We just need your prayers and well wishes that whatever the impediment blocking the resurgence of Nicosan, that it will be removed!

I’m super nervous because I’ve experienced life without major pains for almost 1.5 years. I think that I will be an emotional wreck in a couple of weeks…I can already feel the minor pains twinging. Those wicked sickle cells are probably rejoicing since they get to wreck havoc on my body yet again. I guess this is the story of our lives…

As soon as I get my hands on a box, or 2 or 10…I will of course let the group know.

I hope everyone is doing well, and handling the winter as best as you can. Many sickle cell warriors took ill over the holidays (due to the stress, change in weather, colds, flu etc.) To all those that are ill, I wish you speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you all…and I’m sending you warm hugs.


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