Sickle Cell Phone Survey Opportunity for Patients and Caregivers!


This patient and caregiver survey seeks to understand the experience sickle cell patients have had with their disease as well as their interaction with the healthcare system.  By learning more about your journey or that of your child, we hope to help inform how companies can develop novel products that would better serve sickle cell patients in the future management of the disease.

To be considered, you will need to fill out a five minute pre-screening survey to see if you qualify.  For those who qualify, Bluestar BioAdvisors will reach out to you to set up a one hour telephone interview.  Upon completion of the call, we’re offering compensation of $150.

 Please fill out the link below for more information and to see if you qualify!

Sickle Cell Disease Phone Survey Questionnaire

We look forward to hearing your story!


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