Sickle Cell Disease Stamp —Do Your Part!



In 2004 the Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Stamp was created as a part of the U.S. Postal Service’s stamp program that celebrates the people, events and history of our nation. It also served as another way for the U.S. Postal Service to continue its tradition of raising public awareness of health and social issues.

Many stamps have been created to support causes. However the only stamp that has gone semi-postal is the Breast Cancer Research stamp. Semi-postal means that the stamp will be priced at a higher price than the current stamp price and the difference goes to the organization as a fundraiser.

With the 100 year anniversary that sickle cell was discovered in the Western world approaching in 2010, we would like to have our stamp reissued as a semi postal stamp. Please write letters to the U.S. Postal Stamp committee requesting this action and include what it would mean to you! It is time for sickle cell disease to have more recognition and this is one way to raise awareness. We all need to take ownership of this project and see it through to the end. The Postal Service needs more business, so after the stamp is reissued we need to make a commitment to support it by visiting the post office and keeping the demand for the stamp high as possible.

Please do your part to make the 100 year anniversary a major milestone in history. The publicity and the public awareness will take sickle cell disease back to our level of prominence as an important health issue that affects everyone!

Shirley Miller
SCDAA Board Member


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