Seven Months


I always knew I carried the sickle cell trait from the first child to the 3rd child but it wasn’t until the fourth child did I finally know what it meant.  The hubby came in all in awe of what the doctors had just told him.  His twin was not a match to donate a kidney to his mom.  He would have to go and be tested.  It was a no brainer!  Of course, he would donate a kidney to save his mom’s life!  He rushed to get to the clinic before closing to get testing.  They would let him know the results the next day. We prayed he’d be a match and went to bed.

Being 7 months pregnant and not being able to sleep good had me up most mornings at 5am.  So by 8am I was done cleaning and on my way to find a good book. The phone rang and I wobbled over to answer it.  It was the doctor’s office for my husband with his results.  I called for him to get the phone.  He picked up in the bedroom and I heard him scream yes.  I knew he was a match but then I heard him say “what does that mean?”  “Oh okay, no I don’t know but I will talk to her. Thanks, Bye” he said.  A few minutes passed and he came into the living room where I was laying on the couch reading.  Hey, baby, the doctor says I have the sickle cell trait.  I couldn’t open my mouth and couldn’t breathe for about 30 seconds.  All I could hear him say is “What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”  I snapped out of it and said “I have the trait too and that means our baby will have the disease.” He said “They said it’s a 25% chance the baby will have it.”  “No sweetie, I believe, its’ more like 50% + 50% = 100%”, I said.

I was devastated but I wanted to find out exactly what I would be facing so I began to read anything I could find.  The more I read the more I cried.  The more I cried, the more I read.  No one ever told me to ask my partner if he has the trait but in truth, he wouldn’t have known any way.  I was depressed for about a week but I was addicted to reading about this devil of a disease that would change my baby’s life.    I skipped church that week but decided to go the following week.  Church renewed my strength and faith in being victorious against all odds.  I stopped thinking of my baby to be as a victim and started thinking of her as victor.  I stopped blaming myself and started forgiving myself for not knowing. 

This was the beginning of a fight that would never end.  This was the path God choose for our family and he makes no mistakes.  My prayers over my stomach took a different voice.  I stopped asking why and started saying how!  I started saying what should I do and show me how to be that rock she needs me to be.  Let me cry in private and always smile in her sight.  Let her draw from my strength when she has none.  This is our journey together and God will see us through.


  1. I loooove this article you are awesome. It’s amazing how empowered one becomes when you realize God makes no mistakes. Your challenge, is your mission you have become a vessel, to which others will become knowledgeable and blessed you and your Zzzz’ s

    • @Chevonne Toney. Your so awesome! Thank you for supporting my articles & taking time to encourage me to keep going. You’re such a blessing!

  2. Your story became Deja Vue to me. We didn’t find out about out traits until I was 4 months pregnant. We went for genetic testing and they told us our odds 1 in 500 she will have the disease. We were devastated!!..but God. Looking back he was preparing us for this the entire time and has guided us gently through it all. She is soon to be 15 and has not had a crisis to the day. .Hallelujah to God be all the Glory!!!

    • @niasmom. Yes, to God be the glory! We share a journey but I know you know we share an awesome God as well who is able to heal all diseases! Your testimony just increased my faith the more! Bless you woman of God and I Thank you for your support in reading my articles!

  3. To God be the glory!

    You have an awesome gift in writing and I am sure you will be an inspiration to many. I have followed your journey on social media with baby Z4 and I am praying continuously for her. God bless you for being an advocate for this disease and reaching the masses to educate us!

    • @Ladylee214. Thank you so much for being a prayer warrior & sending up prayers for my baby! This journey has definitely taught me how to pray without ceasing! God is definitely in control & I know she will have an awesome testimony one day! Your comment encouraged me! Thanks again, Be blessed! Ellej

  4. I am so blessed by this site. I didn’t know my husband had the trait until we got a call to say that my son’s screening was out of range and we had to take him in for a confirmatory test. I cried for two weeks and like you I started reading voraciously. While I waited for the results I felt as if I was going to die… but on the day the results came after I had been praying for a while… God gave me such a feeling of peace. A peace that said whatever is to come I will be with you. And I can’t say I have not cried since… but God keeps renewing my strength daily. I am trusting God that my son can be healed but if he is not I pray that the disease will not have a debilitating effect on him. Let us continue to keep each other strong in prayer.

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