Nicosan Tingles


The next few days, I’ll be posting answers and questions that I’ve been getting from my darling readers about Nicosan and Sickle cell. I seem to be getting alot of similar questions, so I figure if I post them here, more people can learn from the same group of questions. If you have any advice, please feel free to leave a comment. We can all learn from each other.

Did the Nicosan seem to cause little tingles of pain for the first 2-3 weeks of taking it before things got better? Not huge pain, but tingles of minor pain…The pain has been similar for me–the first 2 weeks it was minor pain in my legs only which was sorta annoying, then the 3rd week (this week), it is only pain in my knees…The pain isn’t crisis ’10’ pain but annoying enough to take a Motrin…It is about a ‘6’ pain on the scale.

It passes after awhile, but I’ve learned to take the Nicosan at night so that I can go right to bed and not have to function all day and notice the slight pain….I’m glad to know that the Nicosan changes the shape of the red blood cells to normal. That is a blessing to know.

It does something to my breathing too, as if I can breathe a little better and relax…I noticed that from the very first day. It seems to be regulating everything I’m hoping. Overall I have not had any major ‘8-10’ pain since being on Nicosan, and have cut back on my Motrin usage so I’m very happy about that!

I never had that effect, but one of the other users did mention this to me a while back. He has Sickle cell Thallasemia though, so I wasn’t sure if it was something that more people went through or if it was specific to his disease process. He stated that he had minor pain in his hands, feet, and legs, but it was nothing like sickle cell pain, more like L1s (2-4). And that he kept taking it anyway, and after about 4 weeks, he didn’t have any pain at all. We figured that it had something to do with the sickle cells that are already in your body. Since Nicosan configures the red blood cells from the sickle shape to normal cells, perhaps the ‘sickle cells’ in the smaller veins and capillaries need more time to get properly configured. Let me know if this persists after another couple of weeks.


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