Mixing up Your SC Diet


What other ideas do you have that would be fit for a Warrior? Since I am a foodie, I would love to hear what works for you and any recipes that you may be hiding under your apron:)

Beets are high in antioxidants and thiocynate. Apparently thiocynate prevents cells from sticking together. I don’t personally like the taste of beets, but I do try to get it in once in a while. Other foods rich in thiocynate are potatoes (baked not fried!), yams and any earthy foods.

Eliminate meats and switch to a pescatarian or vegetarian diet. If you must eat meats, do very lean meats only with no fat at all, not fried.

Stay away from all fried foods. Anything sizzled in oil has the potential of clogging your blood vessels making them narrower. Pizza is also on this list, since it is fat (cheese) standing solid at room temperature. This means that it has the potential to congeal in your blood vessels as well.

Explore leafy greens like bok choy (my new favorite), kale , collards etc. Try different recipes and to switch it up.

Carrots can be juiced to give you a high carotene diet rich in Vit. A. I don’t remember why this is good for SSD, but my mom used to make me a carrot/beet shake every morning. I hated it, but it helped keep me crises free.

Those are just a couple off the top of my head. Hope this gives you a jump off point.

Check out the book Back to Our Roots: Cooking for the control of Sickle cell Anemia on Amazon. It’s the most comprehensive sickle cell diet book that I’ve come across, and it even has recipes for a foodie like you!


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