Lifespan Predictions for Sickle Cell


Remember when the doctor told you or your parents that you should only live until 6…then it was 18…then it was 30? Well you have reached and passed that age, and you are still alive! So say NO! to the limitations placed on you by others…and  the ‘recommended’ age that the doctor or CDC wants to place on your life. Only God knows your number…until then, LIVE your LIFE!


  1. I heard stuff like that in a health magazine. I was 12, and I started bawling, my parents reassured me that I will live longer and to ignore that.

  2. Im posting this on behalf of my niece. She’s 23-year-old college student. We live in Mississippi. She was going to a community college but had to drop out because of a bad crises. She has plans on going back next month(january). My question to everyone id how did you balance school and sickle cell? How did you handle crises that required time at the hospital or bed? Does the school have to work with you under the ADA Act?


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