It’s Your #SickleCell Birthday!!!


ballonsHello warrior family,

Sickle Cell Warriors has decided that from now on, we are going to be celebrating World Sickle Cell Day as designated by the World Health Organization as June 19th to be our official Sickle Cell Birthday. Why a birthday? Because a birthday is always a cause for celebration and we are celebrating that we have made it through another year.

Here is a letter that I posted on my Facebook page and shared with all my friends and family. I’m planning a dinner party to celebrate my #SC Birthday and I hope that you plan something too! You can personalize your letters, but here is mine posted below! I decided to start talking about it early so that no-one will say they didn’t hear about it. I”m going to post something everyday until all my friends know about my #SC Birthday bash!


Dear friends and family, FYI, my #SickleCell Birthday is coming up on June 19th. This is the official World Sickle Cell Day as chosen by WHO. I take this more seriously than my legal birthday or my half birthday. To me, this day means that I have survived another year of battling sickle cell disease and I celebrate it because I can…I’m alive!!! You didn’t have to read my obituary this year, have to send crappy carnations to a funeral home, or never see my smiling face again. This is also a celebration for you, because your prayers, well-wishes and love guided me through 3 major hospitalizations, countless bags of blood transfusions, pain 85% of the time, and sick calls almost every month at work. You guys know, it was a super rough year. So celebrate with me.  

On June 19th, I expect this page to be full of Happy Sickle Cell Birthday wishes. In lieu of gifts, please make a donation to my non-profit to help spread sickle cell awareness and advocacy. Read about our financial objectives here: and if you are moved, please make a tax-deductible donation here: Set your calendars and let the countdown begin. Muah!



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