I’m an avid blogger. I’ve discovered blogging since 2005 and have loved every moment of it. I blog about everything, my life, my relationship, my family and my career. The only thing I haven’t blogged about is my illness? Why? Probably because it’s still kind of strange for me to talk about it. I hate to be pitied—so I rarely talk about having it, because for some reason, people don’t know how to react when they hear you have sickle cell. Dude—it’s not like I have AIDS…chill out man!

I did a search on Google and every blog directory I know—and couldn’t find a sickle cell blog to save my life. It was only on Technorati that I found 8 and none of them were updated consistently or had more than 1-3 posts. On top of that they were so cheery and…unreal. They made sickle cell sound like a walk in the park, and I know firsthand that it’s no joke. So here is my attempt to fill the void with the real gritty truth.

For some reason, Sickle Cell Anemia is like the ugly stepsister of genetic blood diseases. It affects 80,000+ people in the US and yet doesn’t have a walk dedicated to raising funds for research. There is no red ribbon or dedication to follow through on what research that there is. It affects even more people in the world and yet it doesn’t have a cure. You FUCKERS CAN CURE SMALLPOX & POLIO,–so what is so complicated about sickle cell? Jeez louise!

FYI: This ain’t your momma’s blog. There will be curse words, and there will be lots and lots of venting. You’ve been warned. If you aren’t afraid, if you want to learn more…then by all means, read on.


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