For Teachers: Sickle Cell Disease at School


For educators, parents and children with sickle cell disease, this video is a good point of education on the challenges faced by children and adults with sickle cell disease. You can send this link to each of your childs’ teacher…and it will help start the conversation so that the teacher knows what to expect, and how to help your child succeed in school.

Kudos to The Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for creating this video.

Sickle Cell Disease in School


  1. This is a wonderful video about sickle cell for teachers that don’t know about sickle cell disease. As a teacher(I had a students for 2 years that had sickle cell anemia severe) and a parent (my daughter has sickle cell beta thalassemia) I have always supported diseases like sickle cell. Having the wonderful student that I did have who also had wonderful parents that kept me informed of everything and I always kept her informed of everything at school. Even now that the child isn’t in my classroom I always talk to her and still communicate with her and her mom. She actually was in my class when I was pregant with my daughter and they have treated my daughter like she is part of their family. I believe teachers need videos like this help understand what they can do especially if the parents aren’t really friendly or don’t know how to tell the teacher things without the teacher feeling like they have to do so much more for that child. I wasn’t that way the first time I had the student I was aware and I did research about the disease too, since I hadn’t had a student with sickle cell before. Now that my child has a type of sickle cell I’m always looking for information about her for her daycare providers

  2. I want to do an informative speech on school, but my professor asks me how that would relate to the whole class, can someone help me out.

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