December 10, 2010: This Week in SC News & Research

Researchers from the University of Chicago and Loyola University are studying the transmission of malaria by the Anopheles mosquito. The researchers are trying to inhibit the transmission of Plasmodium (the bacteria that causes malaria) by giving the mosquitoes a protein called FLVCR which will then alter the gut of the mosquito and change the molecular makeup of plasmodium, making it…unable to cause malaria. It is quite interesting stuff, and looks to be a promising line of research. Read more about it HERE.

HemaQuest, the biopharmaceutical company that is doing clinical trials for HQK-1000, has just had an executive change in leadership. HQK-1000 is a medication that stimulates the production of alpha-feta-proteins and red blood cell production, and has shown in a small clinical trials, enough worthiness as a potential sickle cell drug. HQK-1000 has been granted orphan drug status by the FDA in both UK and the US. Read more about it HERE.

Aes-Rx has gotten Orphan Drug status by the FDA. We talked about their new drug last week, and this means that they can move forward to the next stage of research. Hopefully if things progress well in the clinical trials, we will have another treatment alternative besides Hydroxyurea. Read more HERE.

Tosin Ola

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