Crises #2 of 2008: The Triggers


First of all, let’s focus on the triggers:

  1. The Trip to Hawaii: I was sick on this trip but not a major crises zone. More like “I’m warding off a major crises with rest and meds, please God don’t let me get majorly sick!” I did get better towards the end of the trip though. It was a relaxing vacation, and I’m glad I went.
  2. The Flight Back From Hawaii: Was exhausting as all get out. Then on top of that, we flew into to California and had to drive back up 10 hours to Oregon after a busy day spent running errands after flying in a red eye to the mainland. That part of the trip was not thought out well, but most of the time, you plan the whole trip…and just forget about the getting home part. It was rigourous.
  3. Starting Work the Next Day: I should have taken a few days off to rest after coming back to town, but due to the fact that my insurance wouldn’t kick in if I didn’t work that day I had to work. New job, orientation and a full schedule.
  4. Getting Strep Throat from Norio: Some kisses actually are to die for. I caught strep from him and spent the week fighting the flu-ish bug, sore throat, cold symptoms and downing Dayquil at work. Not fun. I knew I was going to get sick.


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