Checkin’ In


What’s up fam?

It’s been a week and surprisingly I’ve been well. Very well in fact. Nothing much to report…I think the L Arginine is really giving me a boost nowadays. It’s like my own personal crunk juice/spinach.

Speaking of spinach, when I was younger in high school, the house mistress of my dormitory used to gather all the sickle cell students in her quarters and make us nightly a foul tasting, bitter brew that was supposed to ‘cure’ sickle cell. My parents believed in that hardcore and I drank that shizz faithfully to no avail, I still fell sick.

The house mistress, bless her heart would come to see me in the hospital and BRING with her some of that tea. Mary Jesus and the orphans it was sheer torture trying to keep that down on a nauseated and pain filled body. I’m so glad I graduated from that school.

So with the Pro Arginine, I’m having a field day, it’s tastes so good compared to all the other concoctions I’ve ever tried. Hopefully the results are going to be longterm.


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