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Posts feature topics on work, school, travel, life, diet and all other coping strategies with sickle cell.

Back Again

Well, the last week has been rough to say the least. I'm going to explore the triggers of my last crises as I usually...

Vacation Plans

Okay, it's decided, we are going to MAUI!!!WOOHOO!I've never been to Hawaii so this is going to be a great one for me. The...

Excite Me…

I'm writing this from work, and in approximately 5 hours, my vacation starts! It's only 10 days long and so far the only thing...

Seven Months

While she was 7 months pregnant, ElleJ got the call that irrevocably changed her life forever. Read her experience below.

Myth Busters: Accepting Blood from ‘White’ Donors…

Alot of nurses/doctors give out wrong information because they don't understand the intricacies of cross matching. There is a huge misconception about this blood thing and since we get blood often, it's important for us to sort out the truth from fallacy.

The Patient

I think I'm officially the only vented person that took a picture as well. What a dork!

SCW Video: Be An Advocate



I'm here, present and accounted for. Norio and I were both laid out in pain yesterday, he threw his back out playing tennis, and...

Sickle Cell and Insomnia

Many sickle cell warriors have insomnia. I haven't been able to figure out the biophysical reasons around this, but I'm actively searching. The only...
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